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– Euro profile, key-key type- 5+5 pins (6+6 pins as option)- 3 brass keys, nickel plated- brass pins & inox springs for high precision and long service time- shoulder groove milled in the cylinder face that receives the key shoulder to improve torque transmission for easy opening and better protection of the keys- sintered steel cam stops at 30° out of cylinder body when key is pulled out, prevents the cylinder from being drawn out of lock by force- key alike(KA) and master keyed(MK) cylinders available


2000-65MM 30+35 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-70MM 30+40 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-75MM 30+45 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-85MM 30+550SN 3 KEYS, 2200-90MM 30+60 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-62MM 31+31 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-70MM 35+35 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-75MM 35+40 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-85MM 35+50 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-80MM 40+40 SN 3 KEYS, 2200-95MM 50+45 SN 3 KEYS


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